Roman blinds have a soft elegant look, they can be paired with curtains or hung alone as blackout, sheer or lined.

We are able to make roman blinds from many different materials allowing them to either blend into room or make a statement .



Shere / Unlined

Lose the lining for a stylish twist on the traditional, try unlined Roman blinds made of loosely woven linen for a sheer finish. These ensure the room remains light but is screened from curious passers-by during the day.


Lined with blackout material which are perfect for the bedrooms of children or keeping a sunny room cool through the summer.


A mid point between a full black out and a cotton lining.


We are able to construct roman blinds from many different materials including suede, cotton, polyester. Our design consultants are able to supply you with many ideas on styles and patterns to help the enhancement of your interior.